Hygiene Protocols - COVID-19 Pandemic

Dated 04/05/2020


Here at Watch Me Whip Pty Ltd, we have taken serious and drastic steps in order to safeguard and protect both ourselves and our customers from the current pandemic we are facing.

We have implemented strict hygiene protocols over and above our already stringent policy in order to ensure a safe space to continue doing business in. Over and above the guidelines set out by government for all South Africans, we will be taking additional measures:

  1. All staff are required to wear a cloth mask or clear visor while handling, preparing and packaging baked goods, dealing with suppliers and customers.
  2. Customers are not permitted to enter the premises and suppliers are limited to accessing only the entryway to deliver supplies ordered. Hand sanitizer is available to all entering and required to be used.
  3. Hand sanitizer is freely available for all staff to use.
  4. All surfaces are frequently sanitized using an alcohol base 70% or chlorine base disinfectant.
  5. Employees of Watch Me Whip are being monitored daily by means of checking temperatures.
  6. Under no circumstances is cash accepted for orders.
  7. Delivery of orders is encouraged. The Watch Me Whip team will be doing deliveries instead of making use of a delivery service. Because of this, where we can, we are implementing grouped delivery day allocations per area as opposed to allowing customers to select specific delivery times.
  8. When delivering orders, the inside of the delivery vehicle is sprayed down with a sanitizer before and after delivery. Delivery staff are required to wear cloth masks or clear visors and make use of sanitizer before and after handover.
  9. Should a client opt to collect an order, they are not to enter the premises and are encouraged to call when outside. A staff member wearing a cloth mask or clear visor will take out orders to the car and facilitate a ‘curb-side’ collection to prevent any clients from coming in.
  10. When delivering, social distancing is encouraged and implemented as much as possible.
  11. Thank you for your co-operation. We will get through this challenging time together!